30th Anniversary of Jean Monnet Activities

Date - 05 / 08 / 2019

30th Anniversary of Jean Monnet Activities

Regionalism in Hard Times: 30th Anniversary of Jean Monnet Activities



In the framework of the 30th anniversary of Jean Monnet activities, this roundtable aims to discuss the challenges currently faced by regional organizations in Europe and South America. 

Contemporary concerns include the rise of far-right populist parties across EU Member States and the success of the Greens as a political force in the European Parliament’s recent elections. This event will consider the new political landscape and its institutional implications for addressing key issues and policy areas of the 2019 EU political agenda.  


As far as South America is concerned, initiatives to foster political and social integration seem to be out of government’s political priorities. Political leaders’ recent decision on the suspension of direct elections at the Mercosur Parliament and recent efforts in order to relaunch the Andean Community indicate the need to reorient Regionalism in the contemporary multi-level and multipolar world system.  The development of Regionalism in different regions follows distinct paths with the involvement of multiple actors and alternative formats. In this context, participants will share their thoughts about the past and present of Regionalism in Europe and South America. They will also look to the future to identify some of the major staging posts ahead. 


With the support of the EU Delegation to Brazil and jointly organized by the Jean Monnet Chair on Comparative Regionalism, the Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies and the FGV School of International Relations, the event will gather experts who are past or current beneficiaries of Jean Monnet activities. 





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