Presentation of the Energy book

Date - 18 / 12 / 2017

Presentation of the Energy book

On December 11th, around forty people met for the presentation of the book “Energy and transportation in the Atlantic Basin” in Madrid, organized by the Energy Chair of Orkestra together with John Hopkins University-Center for Trasatlanic Relations.

Paul Isbell and Eloy Álvarez, coeditors of the first book of the Jean Monnet Network, presented both the Network and the result of the first year of collaboration. This first year the research topic was energy focusing on transport as it is responsible of 25% of global final energy consumption and over 15% of total global GHG emissions. This economic sector will have to face important challenges in order to adapt to the decarbonization trend.

The book attempts to draw an initial, analytical Atlantic map of the nexus between energy and transportation—and of their potential co-transformations— highlighting the strategic terrains of the maritime realm, ongoing economic globalization and global value chains, multi-sector technological transformation, climate change, development and governance; targeting on Africa, Latin America and Europe.

It has three main parts: the first one about Innovative Perspectives on Energy and Transportation, the second one on Energy and Land Transportation and the third one on Energy and Transportation in the Maritime Realm, all three parts focused in the Atlantic Basin. The book end with a chapter of conclusions and recommendations.

People from the network and outside it has collaborated since the Jean Monnet Network Conference that took place in July in Washington D.C. organized by Center for Transatlantic Relations (CTR) of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) SAIS, in order to have this book.

At the end of the presentation a copy of the book and a coffee were offered to the attendees that took the opportunity to share knowledge on energy.


Please find the video presentation here:



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