Conference on the Shifting Commercial Dynamics of the Atlantic Basin

More commerce flows within the Atlantic Basin than any other, yet pundits and political leaders have largely turned their gaze to the Pacific. Greater knowledge of the shifting commercial dynamics between the EU and its Atlantic partners promises to generate new knowledge and greater understanding of the EU’s commercial interdependencies and to balance the inordinate amount of scholarship and policy attention focused on the Pacific, which risks underplaying the EU’s role as an Atlantic actor. Research activity 2, will address continuities and changes in commercial connectivity across the Atlantic space and offer learning opportunties from mutual experience with sub-regional integration efforts such as the EU Single Market. Researchers will present working papers for comment and critique at this conference for scholars, policymakers, civil society representatives and the wider public, who will be able to participate in-person as well as virtually via interactive video technology.

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Mar 07 2018 - Mar 09 2018


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