Energy and Transportation in the Atlantic Basin

Date - 22 / 11 / 2017

Energy and Transportation in the Atlantic Basin

We are pleased to present the book Energy and Transportation in the Atlantic Basin: Implications for the European Union and Other Atlantic Actors, a collaboration among member institutions of the Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies and the first tangible output of the Network’s research efforts.

The purpose of this book is to stimulate the activity and effectiveness of the Jean Monnet Network on  Atlantic Studies, to explore the current state and future directions of the nexus between energy and transportation in the wider Atlantic world, and to identify the implications for the European Union and other Atlantic actors.

The book draws on the collaboration, research and analysis of a number of colleagues from around the Atlantic Basin. They come from both the member institutions of the Network and beyond. Most have worked previously on issues pertinent to Atlantic energy, and have collaborated with the EU’s Atlantic Future project, or with the Center for Transatlantic Relations’ Atlantic Basin Initiative, or with one of the other wider Atlantic projects that have been undertaken in recent years by a number of public, private and academic entities around the Atlantic and now also contribute to what has become a budding epistemic and policy community in the New Atlantic— the wider Atlantic or the Atlantic Basin. The authors also come from a range of professions (academics, think tank analysts, development specialists, public and private sector practitioners) and they have made diverse types of contributions to the Jean Monnet Network project’s research and analyses (chapters include academic, analytical, policy, and exploratory strategic pieces).

The book attempts to draw an initial, analytical Atlantic map of the nexus between energy and  transportation—and of their potential co-transformations—highlighting the strategic terrains of the maritime realm, ongoing economic globalization and global value chains, multi-sector technological transformation, climate change, development and governance. The book also builds upon (and modifies) insights from previous work undertaken within the context of the Atlantic Future project and the Atlantic Basin Initiative.

The book is freely accessible, and open source material. Edited as a downloadable e-Book available for researchers, educators and policymakers globally via the Network website.


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